Parent Coaching

Child & Individual Therapy  

with a Mindfulness-Based Approach

Dr. Lily Hall

Are you getting stuck in the same endless negative cycle? Do you worry that your child isn't thriving? Is your parent-child or partner relationship suffering? With the right mindset and tools every parent, child, and family has the autonomy to grow, reconcile, and achieve happiness.

What Services are Available? 

Dr. Hall specializes in childhood and individual ADHD, anxiety, disruptive behaviors, tic disorders, depression, and autism. She also works with parents and families to help uplift the family dynamic, strengthen communication, and bolster a sense of trust and respect within the family. 

Your therapy experience is unique to you! Dr. Hall will collaborate with you and give you tools to become the happiest version of yourself. 

As a Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, she incorporates mindfulness-based practices into her work to promote wellness, presence, and intentionality in each individual, family, and community. 

Therapy services are offered in person and online using a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform. 

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